The Importance of Professional Skin Care

By Whitney Kauzlarich, Lead Master Esthetician

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When it comes to skin care and the products you use on your face, the quality of the ingredients and where you purchase the products from absolutely matter. Media buzz words like “dermatologist recommended” are particularly eye-catching, but in reality, any products you purchase over the counter (whether it’s a high-end store, brand, or from a local drug store) are similar in efficacy and quality. Unfortunately, “one-size-fits-all” simply isn’t possible when it comes to skin. Everyone’s skin is different and needs different ingredients!

What’s Wrong with Over-the-Counter Products?

Over the counter, you’re choosing products with poor ingredient quality, low percentages of active ingredients, and incompatible molecular structure: the molecular size and weight of the product are too big to penetrate the pores. I explain this as if you were to try and fit a softball in a golf hole, the product sits on top and “looks nice,” but nothing will absorb into the skin to nourish it or produce desired results. This is why you haven’t seen a big difference in your skin using these products! Especially when it comes to moisturizers, despite lathering on a “hydrating” cream or lotion, your skin might still be still dry and/or flakey. It comes down to finding a fine balance between oil and water: your skin produces the oil and your daily moisturizer provides the water. If you’re using a moisturizer that doesn’t actually penetrate the skin, you’re not providing the water it needs, causing your skin to overcompensate by producing extra oil. If you sometimes see black heads and/or acne break outs, this might be from unnecessarily produced oil.

But Aren’t These Products FDA Approved?

Perhaps these inconsistent results are because over the counter skincare experiences very low regulation from the FDA. They do not ensure quality ingredients, product penetration, or effective percentages of the active ingredient which actively change the skin to produce results. Whereas, with products only sold by skin care professionals, these are highly regulated by the FDA; they go through clinical testing to prove that the product does exactly what the company says it does. Within that regulation, high quality ingredients, precise product penetration, and a higher percentage of active ingredients are verified to ensure change within the skin. Plus, when you buy products from a skin care professional, you receive personalized recommendations on you should use, depending on your skin and desired results!

So, What Should I Do?

At Becker Cosmetic, we are passionate about achieving optimal skin health and results with the skincare lines that we carry. We have three different lines including, Epionce, Senté, and our own private-labeled Becker Cosmetic brand. Across these three skincare brands, we are proud to offer a wide variety of products to choose from for different skin types and concerns. Schedule a consultation today so one of our Master Estheticians can help you decide what products best fit your unique lifestyle, budget, and dream skin goals!

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